Musings by Stephen


“The bad news is, my life is turbulent.  The good news is I am acquiring a taste for it that way.”  

SE 4/29/05


"Here’s my want list:  All the comforts I see some others have that I do not have.  Here’s my gratitude list:  All the comforts I have that I see some others do not have."    SE 2002


“I am more than my story…even My story.”     SE  06


“My imagination is frightening me.”   SE   2000


 “It is easier to live my script than to live my life.”  SE 6/24/03


“One of life’s smallest pleasures is to look at the clock and see you have plenty of time to spare.”  

                                                                                                                         SE 4/03

  “I want to live in my life so badly that I am willing to take it just as it is.”   SE 9/29/04 (My 56th birthday)


“If you are fortunate to live in peace... then do so!”  SE 2003


“I am not becoming, I am becoming aware.”  SE  8/04


"The day I stopped running to find life long enough to realize it was already running itself…and running at a constant pace.  Same for all people.  Like it, love it, hate it or terrified in it…the time ticks the same.  If you can’t control the clock, then only calmness will afford you any peace."  SE 2003


“Who am I?  I am what I am to you.  My existence is held by you.  All existence is held by you.  Who am I?  I am what I am to you.

 I am one book.  Pages of characters.  Chapters of relationships.  Bound between a cradle and a casket.  And when you talk of me, it is as if you are reading a few pages.”           SE  4/2009


Commercial Script Writing: Steve has written hundreds of Radio Commercials and produced them as well having spent 20 years in broadcasting. 

News Journalism: Also written hundreds of News Stories for broadcast and print media. (examples on request).

Film/Video-Story Boarding: Steve has story boarded and directed several Videos for product introductions, instructional and marketing. (examples on request).